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By | June 26, 2018

I made the move to carbon fiber in December 2017 with the purchase of a 2017 Ibis Ripley frame.  Sure, it’s not a full on cross-country, Xterra killer, nor is it a brawny enduro bike, but for a guy with a single mountain bike in the garage it has worked well for me.  I love the engineering design using dual eccentrics with no links (slop) connecting the rear triangle to the front.  I won’t go into a monologue on the apparent demise of titanium for MTBs… really, I won’t.  <edit: a year later, and there seems to be a growing number of titanium bikes/frames available – mmm, mmm>

I had begun to notice a popping sound after downhills when the front fork compressed.  I kept figuring it was in the fork or headset but couldn’t pinpoint it – no real issue, the bike was riding fine.  So… on the Wednesday before Xterra Tsali I decided to wash the bike in preparation, and bam, found a small crack on the top tube near the headset.

It’s Wednesday, and I’m leaving Friday for the race.

Ibis has a great 7 year warranty on their frames, but I’m leaving on Friday!  After emailing a picture of the crack to Ibis, Will got back with me quickly which led to a phone call.  I explained the short timeframe, and it was amazing from there.  He had a 2018 frame available in my size that could be shipped the same day.  So we split the cost of overnight shipping to have the frame at my house on Thursday.  Not only that, but I don’t have a headset press, so Will happily pressed in matching headset cups for me before shipping the frame.

No hassle, no additional cost, and the frame arrived the next day with headset cups pressed in!  c’mon, it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Swapped all the components, and rode it around the block on Thursday night.  Then headed out Friday and raced it in terrible mud on Sunday.  I suppose it’s been broken in now.

Thanks to Ibis Cycles!




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