Maybe like many of you, I dabbled in running, did a bit of mountain biking years ago, and swam when I was a kid.  After realizing that Xterra was the coolest thing on the planet, I took the plunge to learn how to swim again.  With the help of a local masters program and a few triathlon buddies, I was able to gain confidence in swimming leading up to my first Xterra race in 2015.

During that experience I realized that a community did not exist for the offroad triathlon community.  Sure, there are some sites for roadies, but having participated in both road and offroad triathlons I’d certainly associate myself with the offroad crowd.  So TriOffroad.com was created to help connect and inspire those of us that prefer dirt over pavement and twists and turns over straight and flat.

Join, post, share, support, and help each other.  It’s a community that needs all of us!