Xterra Fort Yargo 2019

By | April 30, 2019

Another chilly morning that turned into an incredible day in Winder GA this year. Fortunately, the warm days this year leading up to the event helped increase the water temp – unlike last year. It was a bit chilly at first, but perfect with a sleeveless wetsuit.

This is a fast race with a short-ish 10 mile bike, so there is no time to waste. Of course, I fought my wetsuit a bit too long in T1 and then forgot my race belt in T2 – thanks to the T2 official/volunteer for pointing it out to me.

The bike course is a blast with a very minor change this year due to construction at the park. Short ups and downs, curves, some speed. Definitely a great loop. Being dry this year, some of the sandy corners were a bit loose – causing one rider to crash a few feet in front of me.

Xterra Ft Yargo 2019

The run course was the same as last year. It would be a great trail to run with friends sometime, but after swimming and biking it was hard to simply enjoy the trail run. With tired legs, I managed to snag a root and crash somewhere around the middle of the run. ah.. This is Xterra.

April 27, 2019
800m swim, 10m (ish) bike, 4.5m (ish) run
Results Here

Xterra Ft Yargo 2019 parking
Palm trees on the beach…
Xterra Ft Yargo 2019 Transition 2
Looking to transition from parking
Xterra Ft Yargo 2019 Transition 1
Xterra Ft Yargo 2019 vendor
Flat pedals anyone? $5/pair!
Xterra Ft Yargo 2019 Finish
Xterra Ft Yargo 2019 finish
Me and two of the slower Staceys.. who both beat me!

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